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Meet Our Pastor

Fr. Thomas Frank SSJ 

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A Brief Biography

Fr. Thomas Frank SSJ born and raised in Oregon and Washington States, was ordained a Josephite on May 20, 1978, in Washington DC. Most of his priestly ministry has been parish ministry in Washington, DC, Houston, TX, Baltimore, MD, and Los Angeles, CA.

During those years he was significantly involved in IAF organizing (TMO +) and Worldwide Marriage Encounter. Eleven of the nearly 44 years as a priest he served as the Rector of the Josephite Philosophy Program and Major Seminary.


He taught Theology for 6 years at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, LA, and served as the Consultor General and Vicar General of the Josephites. In addition to presenting Marriage Encounter W/E’s, he has presented Women’s Silent retreats, Permanent Deacon’s retreats, and numerous Days of Recollection.


He looks forward to serving at OLSOS and building on the efforts of Fr. Sohe and the parishioners. Although there is “snow on the roof, he still has fire in the belly” to serve God and with God’s people in the African American Community.   

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