Urgent Call to Action !

On July 21, President Trump issued a memorandum saying that he plans to sign an Executive Order directing that all undocumented residents not be counted by the Commerce Department in the 2020 Census for purposes of redistricting. 

Trump Executive Order is unconstitutional:

This proposed action was immediately and universally denounced by all organizations which are encouraging all residents of the United States to participate in the 2020 Census. Any Executive Order excluding immigrants from the census will be immediately challenged in court and invalidated because it proposes actions that are against the clear text and meaning of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. The 14th Amendment requires the counting of ‘the whole number of persons in each state,’ and reversed the odious practice of counting slaves as only 3/5th s of a person. The Constitution calls for counting all "persons."


What TMO asks Congregations and community leaders to do:

Run this short reminder as a bulletin and pulpit announcement:

If you were living in the United States on April 1,  it is your legal and civic duty to complete the 2020 US Census, regardless of your immigration status. The Census is IMPORTANT because it is used to distribute  $1.5 Trillion in federal funds between the states. These funds are used for disaster recovery, healthcare, education, housing and transportation, and much more. It is EASY to complete online at  www.my2020Census.gov or by calling 844-330-2020 (English) or 844-368-2020 (Espanol) or by mailing in your written Census form. Your answers are completely confidential and can never be used against you by any agency, court, or person.

Click Here For More on the Census Call To Action

Click Here for Census Flyer

Tell Senators Cornyn and Cruz and members of Congress to support Rent Assistance in the next stimulus bill

This week the US Congress is deciding what will be funded in a stimulus bill that will be more than $1 Trillion.  The House passed the $3 Trillion HEROES Act two months ago (HR 6800) which set aside $100 Billion for Rent Assistance and $75 Billion for Mortgage Relief. The Senate is proposing a much smaller stimulus bill and they currently do not plan any rent assistance.

Here are some reasons why TMO supports rent assistance:

  • It’s immoral and unhealthy to force families into homelessness during a global pandemic.

  • More than half of Houston families are renters.

  • In a recent survey, over 40% of Texas renters were unsure they could pay August rent.

  • Each day hundreds of area families are being evicted or self-evicting and doubling up in apartments of family and friends—one reason why there is so much community spread of COVID in neighborhoods with many apartment complexes.

  • The CARES Act has had a moratorium on evictions/foreclosures on rental properties with mortgages guaranteed by the federal government, but that moratorium ends July 25.


Contact Senators Cornyn and Cruz and your members of Congress and ask them to support funding for rent assistance for the most vulnerable families affected by COVID.

Click Here for Call to Action on Rental Assistance

Member                                 Phone                            

Ted Cruz                              (202) 224-5922   

John Cornyn                        (202)-224-2934    

Dan Crenshaw                   (202) 225-6565      

Lizzie Pannill Fletcher      (202) 225-2571        

Al Green                                 (202) 225-7508  

Sheila Jackson Lee           (202) 225-3816       

Pete Olson                             (202) 225-5951        

Sylvia Garcia                       (202) 225-1688     

Mike McCaul                        (202)-225-2401     

Brian Babin                           (202) 225-1555          

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